justseventeen: “ April 1968. ‘It’s the glossy mouth you love… now all cool and frosty.’ ”

For the past few weeks I’ve been living in 2001 which has been interesting but also frustrating. It is somehow in a way that I didn’t plan it out it to be. What I mean is that I’ve for a long time wished for me to live an anlogue life. No smartphone, no Instagram, no snapshat and no twitter. This though took a long time for me to create so faith created the situation for me instead. I think perhaps from very much thinking thinking thinking in the end my thoughts became reality. Have you guys ever heard of magical thinking and self-fulfilling prophecy? Sometimes when you think that something will happen so much or wish for it, it gradually happens. And afterwards, most of the time it ends in unhapiness of some sorts.

On thursday britain voted on their referendum to remain in EU or to leave – brexit. What we are left with now is a brexit because of underlying causes. These causes are caused by fear of the future, tireness, unhappiness, racism, nationalism, xenophobia and they are all hiding behind one thing. – MONEY.

The young believe that the European Union is just a complicated relationship but worth it. We believe it’s good and has flaws like any other system or relationship. The old people of Britain are just plain fed up and feel a little bit too nostalgic. With the catch frase in mind  ” We want to leave, it was better before”.

I often find myself agreeing with old people , especially saying it was better before and that things are just shit now and blah blah. But after living weeks and as I will continue with my old phone I’ve came to the realisation that It wasn’t better before. I see the resemblance with vintage clothing and that whole hipster lifestyle. It’s really good to a degree dressing up like you’re from the 70’s and 60’s and taking snapshots with an old camera from 1986. But i forgot something – it’s not the whole story! That whole vintage lifestyle is of today! We are only re-living the good times and not the bad times of the past. All times before our time wasn’t all sunshine, but nobody documented the rain. Nobody spoke of the storms and so we continue to live life in dispair thinking the grass is always greener on the other side.

sofrickinwhat: “ Oh, Horrors ”

In Europe we’ve let the economy be runned by egotistical maniacs and forgotten about the key core – staying together. For the good AND the bad times. I personally don’t have a political fixed view anymore but I have to be honest and say that im disappointed. How could this happen? How could Cameron gamble when Europe as a union is unstable? After the refugee crisis, after the Paris attacks? It is during times of hardship that it’s better to stand together than to be apart. I know that people are tired of the beggars and lying about it doesn’t help. Nobody wants people to beg even if they don’t want to help. And yes we are free to not help if we so choose but it is better to help. It feels better. What we have now is people saying ” I’ve made a mistake, I now want to remain”. And Junker on the other side opening up for the “divorce”.

Even if we didn’t see this coming, we created this. Our fears created this, no matter what sides we may have been on. For now I don’t know if the referendum will be revoked because – it would be good for the UK to go back to the EU. And the same goes for me. I have to pay up my insurance and get my smartphone back asap.

And I will always keep in mind that it’s okay to romanticise the past, to be nostalgic but realise that I’m a millenial. I can love the 70’s all I want but I’m only wearing the clothes, minimizing my socialmedia use by not having snap, insta or twitter but nothing more. I belong in this time.

Text: Rosa Cruz


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