Ok. So I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t take it anymore. I’ve got some things on my chest and I think we need to have the talk (we as profiled obsessed fashion aficionados and lovers). We need to talk about : Acne Studios

Remember when Acne Studios was just a child ? Neither do I but I remember it growing up and now It’s here being Studios and all.

My friend Bartu is the brands nr.1 and biggest fan ever. For a long time he had me scoffing at their overly neutral wear. I mean I’ve always loved their jeans and their crazy collections at London and Paris Fashion week, but a simple white shirt for 2000 kr?!  Can we all agree that it’s an economical suicide. Murdering the wallet who gives birth to your future purchases of fashion. As a vintage and secondhand lover I’d rather hide under my bed, cover my eyes and cry. Nobody should be allowed to make something so simple – it being made in China, for a penny too expensive for the average person to handle (student) *coughs.

But I had a change of heart. One night on my way to work I saw two androgynous looking girls with pale and dark coloured clothes, little make up on and cool cuts. They both had big boxer blazers, one of them a dark grey one and the other one a beige. The one with the dark grey blazer matched it with tailored boxy “over-size” trousers and edgy sandals. While the girl with the beige jacket matched it over a skirt and Dr. Martens shoes topping the look with full on red lips. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my eyes were full of exitement so I decided to walk over to the girls and praise them. ” I’m sorry but I just have to tell you girls that I love your whole androgynous looks. There’s so much subversion in it… WOW. Is it vintage?” – Oh no I’ts Acne Studios!!! Thank you!!! They anwsered.

So I guess after that day I learned my lesson. Simple oversized cuts makes you look like you’ve got LIFE. So who did I think about telling this to first? Bartu. I also asked my friend about his personal view and comment regarding his feelings for the brand.

My friend Bartu’s comment : I think It’s queer, there’s cool proportions and cuts, colors and patterns. You saw my trenchcoat and that blue sheer coat? The coat was still breathing utility.

I didn’t know they were so many layers of the Acne woman or the man. The whole non-binary look is so thrilling.  If Prada is the subversive pseudo-intellectual woman then Acne Studios is an intellectual non-binary swedish person.




Text: Rosa Cruz


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