Maison Rabih Kayrouz Resort 2017 Fashion Show:

This chronicle is for all of you out there who don’t feel like you’ve got your shit together. And beginning with that I’ll also emphasize that you do not need to have (your shit) yourself together. This has taken about 21 years for me to understand. You are already doing well in most aspects of life huh? Can you breathe? Can you pay rent on time ? Can you catch a bus? Can you maintain your apartment? Congratulations you are a functional and fabulous human being.

A round of applause, please!

In a world where the media teaches us to strive for perfection and commersialism somehow has a habit of indoctrinating us with an ideal of who we should be it is rebellious to be different or to challenge the status quo. And then there’s our parents who wants the better for us and that is to have a balanced life as possible. To be as confident as possible and to be as resilient as possible. Which can lead to the words of having your shit together. Especially at 18 when you’re supposed to become an adult. But somehow you don’t feel like it you know. Not having the highest salary if you live by your own and spending most of it on alcohol because you think life is hard. Or you’re living at home and you think you’re not having enough responsibilities. So you think you suck, so you think you don’t ” have your shit together”. But who really has their shit together ? That anwser is incredibly relative and is based on society norms and ideas of having that perfect job, that perfect house, those perfect clothes, that perfect relationship, that perfect mind, those perfect values…. the list could go on and on. But I think you guys get it.  And that makes it look like there’s two types of people out there 1. the people that have got their shit together and 2. the ones that don’t have their shit together.  The 1st example proposes a person who is stable in character, logical, has a smooth sailing life -a straight path, follows all the rules and when they fuck up take things lightly. The latter is, let me explain this in fashion lingo : Gucci girl , man repeller maximalist crazy. This is the person who spends a little bit too much cash on stuff one doesn’t need. Perhaps slips a little bit tooooo much. Thinks with their emotions, is scattered – AS FUCK! Is considered flaky wich results in a chameleon fashion style.


sugarsymphony: “ Chloe x Halle for NY Magazine ”

OK. You’ve got me, this person is a little bit (hehehe) like me! But hayyyy she is fucking fun! Isn’t she ?  So nr.2,  yeah this person has probably had some nervous breakdowns, cries- a-lot ( depending of the reason of course) and laughs like there’s no tomorrow.

But she comes in different shapes and forms and in different characters. Her life might not seem together and she may not be seen as collected. And for a long time she feels bad about it, revealing her true sides. Having a Kramer way of blurting out fears and feelings at not the best times. So she uses fashion as a crutch, as a strength to become all the characters she wants to be or to collect herself. She might wear a blazer, she might wear ballerina skirts with rainbow colours and throw glitter on her eyelids. In her fashion there is no shame. Until that day she just comes to the conclusion that everybody has flaws, nobody is perfect and she should give herself som slack. She realises she’s a good person after all despite how good or bad it might look she’s doing in all aspects of her life. She accepts the fact that she doesn’t have her shit together.


As the fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg says – In the end you always have yourself. You think for yourself, you suffer with yourself and you’ve got to be happy with yourself. So maybe you don’t fit into the mold no matter what life’s up’s and downs, think about the good in you , think about what a good person you are. Think about the things you’ve already accomplished. Even if that is washing dishes or not pulling your credit card like a maniac who hoards clothes physically and emotionally. You’re just you, and even if you don’t think you have yourself together – believe me, you’re a sane person.

You know, compared to murderers, robbers and such.

Text : Rosa Cruz



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