Modern day career women. Finally the times have shown a versatility to being one. On my pinterest I have a board called “cool career women” because I wanted to collect all the styles of cool women who are independent and doing it for themselves within the creative industries. Yet staying humble, loving and pretty feminine as I can relate to that. ( Not pointing fingers to anybody.) But also I was seeking a different kind of way to wearing and showcasing the “powersuit” because I’m so tired of the one from the 80’s. I am really seeking for a more suave look and feel especially as I’m about start school and will be exposed to different enviroments that I want to opt for a more casual look. Yet staying true to myself. I’m thinking a slouchy suit matched in various ways. Perhaps with a little scarf around my neck a la francaise or with adidas sneakers, maybe even Vans, Superga or New Balance? A poloshirt indeed. Having a suit that maybe isn’t black? Or having patterned funky heels and big earrings that save the situation.  As fall is around the corner I can’t wait to suit -up! And be inspired by the likes of Babba Canales, Alexa Chung, Caroline Issa or other random chicks. Got to love women who wear suits and have a funky bubbly personality i mean thats just the best accessory.

Well wish me luck now in business school! All I ever been is an arts student.


Text: Rosa Cruz


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