Radio silence on the site here. Filippa and I have been working on consulting changes of the page. And changes are coming, stay tuned cause we feel really stoked. Otherwise I have been starting school, business school that is. Where I’m studying a masters in marketing communications and fashion and it feels really good you guys. Apart from feeling a little sick and cranky last week and now I’ve just been really busy fixing this and reading that. However I haven’t been able to get fall inspiration off my mind. I’m currently obsessed by suits, flamboyant sock boots, glossy pleather and the Balenciaga haze. Structured maximalism is what I’m feeling and clean lines. Furry coats (I already have that) and a good health would also be good to have right now. But about other things that probably would sound more relevant. I was thinking about writing marketing/ business/ economy oriented texts. As I’m currently studying business with a focus on consumption and would like to reflect on the the monetary and business side of the fashion business that is so often neglected. I mean of course in a more analytical and positive way , outside of a negative debate; that is. I hope you like it!

I’ll write something soon. Until then, dream with me.


Text: Rosa Cruz


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