So it’s me Rosa here and I thought I would write about the changes that are up in the air and things like that. Things that have occured to me. About two days ago one of my classmates actually asked me upront about why I write and what for, more precisely; what was my aim? As I’ve came to the conclusion of not being interested in working as either an editor or fashion journalist in the future (Count me as a creative writer on the side). My objective with writing therefore is to nische myself into creative writing and bringing in a more analytical and academic form of writing think pieces or features. So don’t expect your typical super edited texts by me , I might slip and fuck up but I hope they bring more insight to some kind of sartorial or cultural matter. And I also hope the writing comes off as some what charming.

And.. another thing, I’ll start writing all my pieces in english and even my updates on style matters. Since I started school everything is in english so It’ll be easier for me as it once was a long time ago, again.

I really look forward to dropping one essay about something I find interesting soon. Maybe it’ll be about India or the new Gucci SS18?


Text: Rosa Cruz



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