This sentence totally rings true. At first when I heard it in class i kind of wanted to roll my eyes but stopped myself from doing that. I mean it’s true. Those who know me are aware of me and my love-affair with Zara Online. I usually turn up on sales and have gagged myself to sleep over things but since one year ago I started shopping less and less, I wanted to be more conscious than I already was. These last few days unfortunately I have slipped and purchased things due to feeling sad but also a part of my wardrobe was ruined. A girl’s got to do what she’s gotta do? Especially when you’re petit and emotional like me. What startles me anyhow Is how even though I am aware of this not so good behaviour (let’s not shame it) I still indulge in this. I love sneaking around with fast fashion like a secret lover and at the same time staying married to my thrift stores. Consumer behaviour and consumer culture is really interesting. But I am wondering can one really get over boys by shopping? Perhaps one can. One may try and dream with clothes bringing you into a more positive future. At least I think that’s what I subconsciously do actually. I shop to fill some void when the void exists from time to time. It’s really sick maybe writing about it, haha, but it is a normal phenomena. We women always seem to engage in this type of behaviours and carry certain distinctive mannerisms. Or maybe I’m just a cooky one.

But if we consume in various ways let’s say, with purchasing certain drinks that are ascribed with being classy or shop clothes or consume foods of that matter. Who are we? Are we nothing if we don’t consume? Is it really possible to live in a consumption-less society?


I think not. Maybe it’s just time to embrace our own hypocrisy and let some sort of future balance lead the way.


Text: Rosa Cruz


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