Welcome to the (re)launch of Sartorial Matters, a website and portfolio by us, Filippa Engvall and Rosa Cruz.

Sartorial Matters is a self-publishing platform, a space where we can think and write about fashion and culture. Rosa created the website in 2016. During an internship at Bon.se/Bon Magazine, she met Filippa who joined the website in 2017. Together we use Sartorial Matters to gather our personal and published work.

We want to give special thanks to Arian Vasili, whose helping is with web technicalities, he is a programmer student at The Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm. Also, our beloved photographer Magnus Swärd at RedWolf Studios.


“I was born and raised in Stockholm, and have since lived in Cape Town, Paris and now London. I study fashion journalism at London College of Fashion and just started the final year of my BA. As the journalistic half of Sartorial Matters, I’m always curious about what’s new and what’s next. The constant opportunity of learning and seeing new things, and meeting new people is what attracts me to fashion and culture. In addition to writing, I work with styling.” – Filippa

“I’m a 23-year old girl born in Mozambique and raised in Stockholm where I breathe and usually laugh, and live. Currently studying my MSc at Stockholm Business School, in marketing communication and fashion. My character is bubbly and I’m interested in many things such as exploring culture, going to art galleries and seeing indie bands live. I focus on creative writing and have an academic and analytical approach. Oh, and I love funky shoes!” – Rosa

Quickly get to know us:

Favourite writer?
Filippa: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for novels and Vanessa Friedman for fashion.
Rosa: Joan Didion, Tim Blanks and Philip Warkander!

Favourite artist?
Filippa: Mark Rothko. His room at Tate Modern is dreamy.
Rosa: I’m a softie for Henri Matisse.

Favourite TV-series?
Filippa: True Detective season 1 was a masterpiece. Sex and the City, and currently The Handmaid’s Tale.
Rosa: Seinfeld, Sex and the City, and currently Munchies.

Favourite song?
Filippa: Right now, Redbone by Childish Gambino. 
Rosa: Right now I’m really into King Krule’s new song Dum Surfer. Dark indie zombie-vibes.

Favourite brand?
Filippa: Loved Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy… am I ready to move on? I love what’s happening at Balenciaga.
Rosa: A Chloé girl at heart, “le bobo”.

Favourite city?
Filippa: PARIS.
Rosa: Stockholm, London, Berlin and Paris ❤

Birkin bag or Kelly bag?
Filippa: Kelly bag.
Rosa: Birkin bag.

Lemon or orange?
Filippa: Lemon!
Rosa: Orange!

Spring or autumn?
Filippa: Autumn, my birthday is in November. 
Rosa: Both! Spring is about rebirth and fall about wardobe rebirth.

Wine or cocktail?
Filippa: Cocktails.
Rosa: Red Wine.

Any social media?
Filippa: Instagram @filippa.e
Rosa: Pinterest rosacruzz

Find us on Instagram @sartorial.matters 

Send us an email info.sartorialmatters@gmail.com




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