I’ve been really busy and up to learning interesting things. Getting real curious about BI and data analytics to interpret and understand consumer behaviours. Ted talks offers some good thinking about the new internet economy and things like that. The other videos explain how to use and what data analytics is all about. It might seem pretty boring but I think that if you are very *happy-go-lucky-ray-sunshine* kind of a person and love to analyse you’ll probably like this. For me it’s new and a way to understand marketing specially the market of fashion since it’s evolving and we’re living in a new digitalized world. In my bio it does say that I’m into analytical things, so bare with me here. I’m thinking about how valuable it will be to create strong sustainable marketing communication. I keep on dreaming about the day when a really good second-hand store, really well curated (glo)cal style will be as cute as Zara online, you know without it being expensive. Am I right? Or am I right?

Well just something I wanted to share with you.  I’m always thinking about how the future can be more sustainable.


















Text: Rosa Cruz


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