Founded in 2013 and becoming known to the international public and fashion scene  in 2015, the danish fur brand Saks Potts makes your eyes bawl and colors pop. By making cool and different coats which are unique, colorful and filled with personality the creative pair Catherine Saks and Barbara Potts have succeeded to win millions of hearts.

Talking from a brand oriented positioning perspective the pair separate social media accounts on Instagram, as well as their co-workers and main company instagram have swept off feets of misfited youths and cool gals who constantly crave something different. By actively engaging in social media marketing for their brand, dressing up in kitsch outfits, being bubbly and challenging the status quo of traditional scandinavian minimalistic style Saks Spotts is a brand whose force is to be reckoned with.


On a personal note the duo has inspired me by selling an alluring and quite authentic eccentric lifestyle which is untypical of the culture in the nordic countries. Pictures of them and friends traveling around the world, socially engaged parents and undergroundesque selfies have helped to boost the sales of their crazy fur coats. Monochrome colors, oversize, color-blocking, chinese patterned dresses and porcelain chic accessories are all a defining core in this danish luxurious kitsch style. And at the same time their designs signal and manifest clear references to western art history as well as eastern oriental style.

It is as if the fashion power pair is reinventing kitsch in the age of social media and redefining what luxury means. Or creating a luxurious interpretation of kitsch we’ve never explored before, as I implied above. However and whatever the case may be , i love it.

Making my heart go ga ga for crazy luxury kitsch!



Text: Rosa Cruz

Picture source: All pinterest


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