As far as I’ve known myself as a person , even in the third dimension I’ve always been open to different countries kind’s of fashion and metropolitan styles. Prone to adapt as a fashion chameleon and somehow always suceeded to stay different in my hometown Stockholm,  I now find myself chocked at how well people back home dress.

Now, let’s take a step back and I’ll explain the situation, I just moved to the neighbouring country of Denmark and find myself in Copenhagen – a city where I feel the fashion is not only considered to be very laid back but expressive and exciting to say the least.  Moreover, after some days, fast forward ALMOST three weeks in this place not only have I experienced the honeymoon phase of moving somewhere new but also the notorious ‘culture chock’ which of course interferes with my love for fashion. Furthermore, It made me realize after some days of glancing at my Instagram-feed  with the feeling of barely catching up with my friends back home, how stylish they actually look. But not only that – I noticed how ‘ clean’ they looked.

For the first time of my life since I was a minion I seem to find my clothes becoming dirty or feeling worn out. And this is due to me biking from morning to evening which I feel has made me care ‘less’ about how I look over the course of the day but also if my clothes will become dirty. Which made me realise – do I care less about how I look on a general basis? Except for when I go to work ( it being a fashion company) that makes me want to adapt and somewhat fit the ‘mold’.  Or do I dress worse now than what I used to? Due to the change of context. As I’ve been here somedays I’ve come to realise since nobody is impeccably dressed here – Why should i bother?

All my life I dreamt of a laid back style supressing the Swedish minimalism within me only to compare my current style with a style I’ve never identified with.  Maybe It’s not about any countries style looking better than the other? And so what? Maybe the way I dress now has changed. However, I think perhaps for the better. I no longer feel the need to shop as frantically or overtly plan neater and neater looks. Somehow learning how to adapt and accepting that my style is not place-specific nor ugly just because it’s a tad more dirty , not so matchy… and perhaps just a little bit more ‘expatriate relaxed’?

Perhaps, just the way it should be.


Text: Rosa Cruz


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