Joséphine Löchen, Cecilie Bahnsen backstage


Born in France 1989, now settled in Copenhagen, although still in a relationship with Paris. Joséphine Löchen invites you in through her fashion photography to her encapsulating and up-front world. Having worked with Scandinavian brands and acclaimed magazines such as Saks potts and Eurowoman. Her way of working not only breathes  life into clothes and awakens the eyes of the beholder but in fact also stirrs up feelings.

1. Who are you and when did you get in to fashion photography, and why?

My name is Joséphine Löchen and I am a french photographer. I started my first jobs in fashion in Paris after I graduated from Gobelins, Ecole de l’Image. First I got inspired by the fashion photography of Corinne Day or Mark Borthwick.
I like photographing fashion to play and give emotional reaction with the clothes.

2. How would you describe your aesthetic? And which kind of cameras do you usually use for your commissioned works?

I try to put intimacy in my images and I prefer the soft and slow process of analog. Currently I use a compact flash Minolta I found in Hong-Kong.

3. As you are based between Paris and Copenhagen, how do feel that the different contexts of cities influence your work?

Copenhagen brought me a new aesthetic and different perspectives, I love the people I’m working with, and also in terms of locations, faces … I feel much more free to do what I want. As for Paris, I will always love the city, it is full of diversity which I like the most and it’s always nice to go back as I feel like a tourist again and I see things differently.

4. You’ve worked with various Danish brands such as Saks Potts and Ganni. How was that and what inspired you to want to collaborate with them?

These two brands have a beautiful dynamic …I feel really close to Saks Potts since I’ve been working on a lot of different projects with them. It’s a very creative team and always visual and avant-garde. They are very inspiring and surprised me each time we collaborate together.

Source: Joséphine Löchen, Saks Potts behind the scenes series

5. Where do you collect inspiration?

I collect my inspiration from french movies but also in all kinds of art and fashion photography. I’m in love with Japanese photographers.

6. How does your working process look like?

I would like to stay frank and personal in my way of photographing people. It’s the most difficult part when you have to deal with commercial issues which can sometimes affect your work. My working process is to stick with my reality and the message I want to tell in my images. I usually work with people I feel inspired by.

Joséphine Löchen x Griegst

7. What are your future plans with your blooming career?

I am working on a book project … I can’t tell more :)))


Text: Rosa Cruz


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