My made to measure experience with Collaro

C’est avec un plaisir certain que, dans le cadre d’un partenariat, j’ai enfin pu tester une marque très appréciée dans le monde sartorial. Cela faisait un bon bout de temps que leur offre me donnait envie, notamment grâce à leur configurateur très réputé, j’ai enfin pu réaliser des vêtements chez eux ! Aujourd’hui dans ce nouvel article, je vais donc vous parler de mon expérience chez Collaro.

Collaro's Story

Collaro is all about the pleasure of configuring your sartorial garments from A to Z, on a superbly designed configurator, all with impeccable service. Their vision is to break free from some of the shackles of the classic sartorial world, in order to create pieces that look and feel like you. However, they won't suggest that you make completely extravagant clothes! That middle ground between "following all the rules of classic style perfectly" and "following none" is where Collaro like to operate. And that's good, because so do I!
I'm rather conservative in my approach to classic style, but I'm against very strict rules that no longer apply!

Ordering on Collaro

Before we even talk about the order itself, Collaro are known for their impeccable service. Even before choosing the fabrics, details, cut, etc., I had a long chat with Travis (the co-founder) so that we could determine my needs as best as possible.

They make it a point to be responsive and available, which is especially nice when, like me, you like to ask a thousand questions.

With Travis, we decided to go for a pair of trousers and a shirt that would be perfectly adapted to the transition period between summer and autumn. Both fabrics are quite original and full of character.

The shirt :

For the shirt, we chose a beautiful fabric created for Collaro. It is an off-white linen fabric with a rather thin olive stripe.

As for the collar, I decided to choose what I consider to be Collaro's signature collar: the Lucca Button Down. The shirt's points are long, and the collar is cut in a rather particular way, all of which contributes to having an absolutely beautiful roll on the collar.

I chose simple round cuffs with a single button. Nothing fancy on this side. The collar and the fabric already make the shirt stand out.

I took a simple shirt front, without a placket! I find the result more refined.

On the inside of the collar, I had my initials embroidered with a discreet grey thread. I find the result very nice and I really like the fact that it can be done on the inside of the collar. I've never been a fan of flashy initials on shirts. That's just personal taste, and Collaro offers you the option of putting them on the shirt cuffs too.

At Collaro, you can choose to take a trial shirt. This will be delivered before the shirt is configured in the fabric of your choice, and is intended to check your measurements. The option is not free, but can be very useful if you are ordering several shirts or do not have a reference shirt. Collaro will look at the fit of the test shirt when you receive it, and make any necessary adjustments.

That's it for the shirt! Here are a few pictures.

The trousers :

As you probably know, trousers are one of my favourite pieces in the men's wardrobe. If they are particularly interesting, it's precisely because they can make an outfit look great or completely wrong!

The margin of error on trousers is therefore small.

Collaro are very well known for their trousers, thanks in particular to the multiple waistband options available on the configurator.

As for the fabric, I opted for a linen dark tobacco fabric from Baird McNutt.

Let's start with the waistband. I'm not particularly fond of sophisticated waistbands, so I opted for something simple and effective. I chose the arrowhead design, with the extended flap and a single belt loop to hold it in place. I chose a rectangular buckle on the side adjusters, which are pistol shaped. I think it really adds something to the classic shape of the side adjusters that we often see.

As for the pleats, I took the double reverse pleats. They are my favourite at the moment.

I also added a 5 cm cuff. I think it looks nice on casual trousers, and it adds weight to the bottom of the pants, so they drape better!

In the back, I took two welted pockets. Simple and effective. Here again, Collaro suggest you take a trial pair of trousers which is delivered before the final pair, and which is used to validate your measurements on a trial fabric! Again, this is a very good option if you have several trousers to order, or if you don't have any reference trousers. Having already several trousers as reference, I did not need to take a pair of trial trousers.

Receiving the parcel

I was delivered exactly 4 weeks after the day I ordered. I was very pleased with the speed of delivery considering the summer period is usually pretty busy.

The package was very well protected, and the clothes were packed in a nice cloth bag. I will definitely use this bag again when travelling with shoes that need storage.

At first glance, everything is perfect. Not a thread sticking out, no worries. All the configured details are here. Everything is perfect.

First fitting

That's it, the time to finally try on the clothes has arrived. First of all, it is important to know that I am starting to know my measurements well. I often order clothes, and with time I have been able to adjust the measurements to my liking.

Well, Collaro have respected my measurements to the millimetre.

The shirt looks great. The fabric looks even better in person than in pictures. The measurements are respected. I love it.

The trousers are also superb. The linen drapes well, and the fit is absolutely perfect.

I'm delighted.

Immediately upon receipt, Collaro came to the news! They want me to send them photos of the clothes on my customer page, so that they can see if the fit could be improved. For those who don't necessarily have a good eye, and wouldn't necessarily know what needs to be improved, I think this service is great.

It's a good way to continually improve the fit of your clothes while getting professional advice.

Here are a few pictures of my first fitting. No alterations have been done.

My final opinion on Collaro

After finally being able to test Collaro, it is a brand that I recommend with my eyes closed. The quality of the customer service is only matched by the quality of their clothes. They always have original fabrics in stock, but also all the basics you need. Their offer is totally different from what you can find on the European market, with details that you can only see at Collaro.

To conclude, I would say that Collaro is a company run by people who are passionate about clothing and who love good customer service. In a world where service is being lost, where everything is becoming impersonal, what a breath of fresh air!

It's no coincidence that I entrusted them with the creation of my next made-to-measure suit! To be continued then!

Article written by Clement

My name is Clément, I'm 21 years old, and I have been dressing according to the sartorial codes for about two years now. If I were to categorize my approach, I would classify it as classic and conservative. My taste for sartorial art comes first and foremost from my passion for beauty, craftsmanship, art, everything that is well made, and almost eternal after all.

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